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Cool Kids Club (CKC)

Sidney Cool Kids Club (CKC) Afterschool Program

  • Established in 2001
  • Offers a safe and productive place for children after school
  • Ensures parents their children are safe, allowing them to be more productive employees
  • 60% of the students served are on the free and reduced lunch program
  • Provides:
    • Homework assistance
    • Academically enriching activities
    • Meals and snacks that provide needed nutrition

Summer Programming Available

  • 4-H Club since 2014
  • Designed to enhance academics during the summer morning hours and provide enrichment activities in the afternoon
  • Example activities:
    • Rocketry
    • Bowling
    • Swimming
    • Bird Watching Hikes
    • Robotics
    • Sewing
    • Field Trips
    • Provides breakfast and lunch

Our Staff and Partners

  • Comprised of 15 full/part time staff which includes:
    • Certified teachers
    • Trained and experienced Para-Professionals
    • Retired Teachers
  • Sidney Public Schools is a full partner
    • Share resources and assets
    • CKC curriculum aligns with and supports school day learning
    • Noticeable increase in CKC student achievement in the school day

Parents are invited to observe the program at any time, and can volunteer their time and talents!


"My after school program is important to me because I have somewhere to go so I won't have to see my parents leave their work in the Middle of the day." --Lacie age 10

We Help Students Aim Higher

A 5th grader at Sidney Middle School learns archery during field day. With the help of our partner, Cabela's, are students are exposed to a variety of outdoor activities. For many of our children, this was the first time they were exposed to archery. There was a great response and we hope to make this activity more readily available throughout the year.

We are Important to our Community

We help build the future workforce

  • Kids explore their passions
  • Kids are exposed to a variety career fields
    • STEM careers are emphasized
  • We build 21st Century career skills

We help support the current workforce

  • Parents focus their attention on work, not their children’s safety
  • Parent do not have to leave work to pick children up
  • Parents have a safe place for their children on No-School Days

We help improve the school day

  • Increase attendance
  • Decreased behavioral problems
  • Increased grades throughout a student’s educational career

"My after school program is important to me because there is no other program in the whole world like this one." --Brett age 8

Our Program in Action

Homework Help

Parents and teachers have reported an increase in completed homework, and a boost in grades for students that participate regularly in CKC.


As the need for more STEM literate students has arisen in our town, the after school program has made an effort to allow students to explore STEM careers, and develop needed STEM skills. These skills include problem-solving skills, logical thinking skills, and the ability to work as a team.

Health and Human Service's Catch Kids Nutrition and Exercise Program

Our after school programs aim to support children in all aspects of their lives, including teaching them how to make health choices and showing them proper exercise techniques.

Where Kids Belong

CKC provides a space for students to interact with each other in a relaxing and welcoming environment. For some students, this environment is necessary for them to express themselves. This helps students discover who they are and how they fit into the mix. Beyond that, it creates a community within the school, giving all students a safe place to go and a sense of beloning.

"I care about my after school program because if I didn't go there I wouldn't know where to go." --Paige  age 10

A Special Thank You Our Donors

  • Snow Redfern Foundation
  • Buckley Trust
  • Cabela’s
  • Nebraska Children and Families Foundation
  • Doc Thompson Foundation
  • C.A. Story foundation
  • Salvation Army
  • Rotary
  • St. Martha’s Guild
  • Dress Down Day
  • The City of Sidney
  • The American National Bank
  • Many individuals