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BSB Toolkit

This interactive toolkit, developed by Beyond School Bells, is your one-stop shop for all things related to building a successful afterschool and summer program.  Afterschool programs help improve kids’ learning, behavior and social/emotional health. Browse this free toolkit for guides, downloadable resources, tips and ideas regardless of where you are with your program.

  • Guidelines: Take a closer look at how afterschool, summer and expanded learning programs can provide the opportunity kids need to succeed. 
  • Funding Structures: Three different real-world funding structure possibilities that outline options for program space, supplies, staff hourly rates and more.
  • Planning: This section includes everything you need to know about starting an Afterschool Program including a guidebook, needs assessment tools and a program starter kit. 
  • Operational:  Resources to help build and manage quality afterschool or summer programs. 
  • Staffing:  Sample job descriptions and tips for interviewing, hiring and motivating staff.
  • Professional Development: Maintain and improve your professional competence and enhance your leadership skills, motivate staff and engage families.
  • Best Practices: Use these guidelines for program best practices including college and career readiness, summer learning, STEM, arts, environmental education, family engagements, staff development and more. Worksheets included.
  • Successful Strategies: Learn strategies and success stories from other Nebraska afterschool and summer programs. 
  • BSB Programming & Curriculum:  Use these unique teaching and learning resources in your program. 
  • STEM Learning: Utilizing STEM as a means to build and sustain your ELO program is essential. Vast amount of STEM resources found here.
  • Partnerships: Find community partners in multiple sectors including school districts, municipal governments, local business and industries and non-profits. Use the tools in this section to help build and sustain your program.
  • Advocacy: Educating and inspiring stakeholders about the importance of ELO programs is critical. Use this toolkit to advocate for this incredible learning opportunity for those most in need.
  • Messaging Tools: Effectively promoting your program is essential to building support in the community, securing funding and sustaining your program. Use these simple and straight-forward tools to help you communicate the importance of ELO programs.