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Getting Started

Getting Started: Resources for Your TMC Lab

Ready to kickstart your Think, Make, Create Lab? Here are some resources that will help you get started: 

  • Getting Started Checklist: This list outlines three essential steps in launching your TMC Lab. 
  • Parts List: Familiarize yourself with these parts requirements to assemble and customize your TMC Lab to suit your needs. 
  • Securing the Trailer: Learn the necessary steps to secure the TMC Lab trailer, ensuring safe transportation and setup at your desired location. 
  • Building Materials: Explore the recommended building materials needed to construct projects and unleash your creativity within the TMC Lab. 
  • Supply List: Discover the essential supplies to stock up on, enabling seamless tinkering, exploring, and problem-solving experiences for your participants. (Coming Soon)
  • Add Labels for Tubs: Streamline organization within your TMC Lab by adding labels to tubs, ensuring easy access to materials and resources during activities. (Coming Soon)


Questions about getting started with your TMC Lab? Contact Alana Pearson, Community Support and Innovation Specialist.