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ECAP: Environmental-Conservation Action Program

Beyond School Bells is excited to announce the launch of our Environment – Conservation Action Program (E-CAP) as a programming priority for the 2021-22 school year and  summer 2022.  E-CAP is built on a strong foundation – the realization that many afterschool programs across the state and nation have depended on outdoor and environmental education themes for years as these are the kinds of activities that kids love and because they create the platform for hands-on, engaged, project based learning that motivate and inspire youth.  It is also based on the time-tested realization that in our current COVID-19 challenged moment, outdoor classrooms and learning experiences are perhaps the safest learning environments available to our youth. 

Importantly, E-CAP is also based on the realization that in today’s world, opportunities for meaningful partnerships with organizations concerned about the environment and conservation can be found in every Nebraska community and as such represent an important contributor to locally powered, sustainable afterschool and summer programs that can serve the needs and engage the energies of communities across our state.  

Click the link below for a full overview of the E-CAP project.