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In 2013, Beyond School Bells (a program of Nebraska Children and Families Foundation) initiated the Nebraska Statewide Coalition of Community-wide ELO Systems—which is an informal partnership between Beyond School Bells and school-community ELO partnerships in multiple communities across Nebraska.  Communities participating in this Coalition focus on three key elements:

(1) PROMOTE SUSTAINABILITY—To enhance the long term sustainability of ELO programs in their community (through building community-wide ELO systems)

(2) ENHANCE QUALITY—To enhance the quality and availability of ELO STEM programs serving youth in community-wide ELO systems

(3) SUPPORT POLICY—To improve ELO Policy through advocacy for state and local level policies which support high quality, sustainable ELO programs serving the needs of our state’s most vulnerable residents.

Interwoven through all of this work, the Coalition is supporting the development of common messages and outreach strategies that promote greater ELO and STEM awareness and build support for high quality, sustainable, community-based ELO STEM programs.  

Communities are selected to participate in this coalition.  Current communities include Chadron, Columbus, Crete, Fremont, Kearney, Lexington, Lincoln, North Platte, Omaha and Sidney.