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The Building Sustainability webinar series, in partnership with NDE-21st Century Community Learning Centers, was hosted by Jennifer Jones (Project Director, Beyond School Bells) in October 2015-January 2016.  Each webinar is 15 minutes in length.  Click on the Title to view the webinar, as well as access and download related documents.

Messaging Tools: Developing a One-Page Program Description  Learn why you need a one-page program overview document that describes your afterschool and/or summer program, and suggestions for creating this useful tool. 

Messaging Tools: Talking Points and Messaging Tools  Learn about developing and delivering talking points and messaging tools to communicate information about your afterschool and/or summer program to key stakeholders. Available resources are also explored.  

Identifying Partners: Mapping Potential Partners Learn about the Sustainability Process. Information provided will assist you in identifying partners in the community where your program exists. Helpful tools include a Community Scan Document, as well as a list of potential partners typically found in Nebraska communities. 

Prioritizing Partnerships: Partner Analysis Document Learn about prioritizing partners using the Community Scan document (from Session #3) and Partnership Analysis worksheet. The Partner Analysis worksheet will help you consider and document how partners can benefit/contribute to your program, how partners might benefit from a partnership with your program, and identify specific “asks” of partners.  

Engaging Local Partners: Traditional and Non-Traditional Partners Learn strategies for finding, growing, and utilizing traditional partnerships in your community, large or small. Webinar resources will assist you in identifying and working with 3-4 priority partnerships considering local schools, government entities, businesses, and community-based organizations.  Handouts for this webinar are available at