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Why Go Beyond?

Expanded learning opportunities (ELOs) have the potential to be the great equalizer in American education. Regular participation in high quality before and afterschool learning, and enriching summer school programs have been shown to help low-income students succeed academically on par with their more affluent peers. These programs, characterized by strong school-community partnerships, can also help high-performing students stay engaged and achieve even greater levels of understanding. In short, high-quality ELOs are for everyone - and the benefits they create are critical to Nebraska's future economy. ELOs don’t replace the traditional school day, but bring in a second shift of caring adults to enhance that learning, help students who need extra attention thrive and enrich the experience for students who crave more than an 8-3 day can give them. Beyond School Bells is dedicating to improving access to and quality in Nebraska’s ELO programs by building partnerships and addressing state and local policy that affects these vital initiatives. We watch the national scene, make recommendations, pull the right people to the table, and support ELO system-builders and educators as they strive to make build an educational system that better serves all Nebraskans. Click here for contact information.

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