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Sample Proposals

Sample Best Summer Ever 2022 Proposals

The following documents were created as samples of what BSB looks for in an application to the Best Summer Ever grant. Please consider these a resource to determine what grant category you would like to apply for and a brainstorming tool for how to design your summer program. These documents can be used as a template, but you must use your own information and cross reference local details like prices, availability, professional connections and other factors that may be different for you compared to what is in the templates.  

Each category of the grant has at least one sample proposal correlating to one of the suggested projects within the category. However, there is only one sample proposal for “Youth-identified topics” even though that is a suggested project within each grant category. If you choose this option and use the sample proposal, your summer program should still be specific to whatever grant category it is within (Environmental / Conservation, Youth-Driven, or Service Learning / Civic Engagement) and should include information about how the topic was chosen or will be developed by youth.  

Sample Environmental/Conservation Proposals

Sample Youth-Driven Proposal

Sample Service Learning/Civic Engagement Proposals