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2021 Summer of Innovation

BSB Summer of Innovation: Student Challenges

In order to provide programming flexibility in response to the unknown situation we will be in this summer, BSB will organize and facilitate Challenges / competitions to create opportunities for independent project activities in communities across the state.  Please visit the webpages to learn about the Mission to Mars and Entrepreneurship prizes.  For the Tree-a-thon, programs will have all necessary materials (including trees) paid for by Beyond School Bells.

Student challenges are open to all Nebraska summer programs and students, no application is needed.

(1)    Mission to Mars 2.0

(2)    Entrepreneurship

             a.       Spring Pitch Challenge   *additional summer opportunities will be available to participating programs 

             b.       Summer Spark Mentorship (invite only)

(3)    Tree-a-thon  

Programs interested in finding out more about these projects should Dakota Staggs at