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Communication III: Brain Research: From brain research to marketing campaign

Room: Council Bluffs A

Emerging adolescent brain research can be a powerful tool helping to make a data driven case for out-of-school time STEM programming.  This workshop will combine insights from brain research into the importance of out of school time STEM programming with proven marketing techniques used by early education advocates to help participants learn strategies for reaching new audiences to support OST STEM.

Dr. Dave Hansen, Univ of Kansas (KS); Kelly Medwick, Nebraska Children and Families Foundation (NE)

Speaking the Language of Economic Development

Room: Big Blue C

Making the connection to the world of Workforce Development

Brian Crouse, Missouri Afterschool Network (MO) & Catherine Lang, AccelerateNE (NE)

Strategic partnership development

Room: Big Blue B

Identifying and securing partnerships to support statewide STEM systems-building efforts

Joe Davis & Samantha Thorston, Florida Afterschool Network (FL); Linda Barton & Susan McGuire, Wyoming Afterschool Alliance (WY)

Using Summer Strategically

Room: Big Blue A

Building sustainable summer collaborations to enhance STEM learning

Jim Chesire, Imagine Science Project (IL); Brian Berry, Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OR), Nancy Williams, Boys and Girls Club-Omaha (NE); Maria Walker, NE Extension (NE)