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Communications I-Telling Our STEM Stories—Creating a Communications Drumbeat

Room: Council Bluffs A                           

Communications should be a constant drumbeat through the community, reminding stakeholders – in different ways – how and why STEM and afterschool matters.  In this session, participants will review their dissemination tools and consider how and when to “beat” each drum.

Terri Ferinde Dunham, Collaborative Communications

Collecting and Utilizing Data

Room: Big Blue B                                                                                   

Choosing and collecting the right data to make your case and show the importance of OST STEM

Anne Herman, United Way of the Midlands (NE); Greer Mellon, Digital Harbor Foundation (MD)

Dimensions of Success

Room: Big Blue A

Overview of a data driven quality improvement tool

Ashima Shah & Jeff Buehler, PEAR at Harvard University (MA)

School-day and OST STEM

Room: Big Blue C                                                                                 

Building strong STEM linkages between the school day and OST

Alejandro Molina, PASA (RI); Melissa Dubois, South Metro Salem STEM Partnership-Oregon Tech (OR); Heidi Sipe, Umatilla School Dist (OR)