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2015 Legislation

LB 519 signed into law

Provisions/portions of LB379 was amended into LB519, which passed and was recently signed into law. LB 519 included for the first time in Nebraska, a definition of Expanded Learning Opportunity programs and created a grant program to support these programs in the future. Funding for these programs is set at 1% of the education funds generated by the State Lottery. This program will be implemented in the summer of 2016 and the Department of Education is currently determining a process to take advantage of this new funding opportunity.

LB 379 Expanded Learning Opportunity Grant Program Act

LB 379 seeks to expand funding available to support Nebraska’s Expanded Learning Opportunity programs. Importantly it would, for the first time in Nebraska law, define ELOs and create a structure for a future grant program to both sustain existing high-quality ELO programs and expand programs in underserved, high need rural and urban schools across the state.

Education Committee: Draft Vision for Education in Nebraska Document Following public hearings held across the state in October 2014, the Education Committee of the Nebraska Legislature developed the following draft of a common vision for education.