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The following links will help you get started on the road to developing sustainable initiatives in your communities.

  • The Finance Project (TFP) specializes in helping leaders plan and implement financing and sustainability strategies for initiatives that benefit children, families and communities. One area of TFP's expertise is supporting out-of-school time initiatives and they have developed a set of tools and resources intended to assist policy makers, program developers and community leaders in developing financing and sustainability strategies to support effective out-of-school time and community school initiatives.

  • This is a PDF file of eight publications from The Finance Project. The PDF features a short description of each publication along with web links to the full document.

  • This up-to-date, online tool enables program leaders to search for federal funding sources relevant to their needs. It brings together information on funding sources and their purposes, who can apply, the flow of funds, application processes and requirements, and links for additional information.

  • The Afterschool Investments Project, a technical assistance project supported by the U.S. Child Care Bureau, has developed profiles for each state to provide a snapshot of the "state of afterschool." The profiles afford an opportunity for you to learn about funding resources and initiatives in your state.

  • This section of the website provides you with general information about the major types of federal funding that support afterschool programs.

  • This resource guide, developed by the Afterschool Investments Project, highlights publications and resources to help you support and sustain your program over time.

  • This website is a single, comprehensive location for finding and applying for all federal grant programs. The cross-agency website has information about more than 800 grant programs involving all 26 federal grant-making agencies and can guide you through the process of applying for funding.

  • The website provides a searchable database of federal funding sources that support afterschool programs. Through the links provided on this site, you can find funding that can help support your program, learn more about the different types of federal funds, and view key resources on how to write effective grants.